Design Concepts
Renderings of Various Furniture and Gadget Ideas
Product Design and Prototyping
Prototyping and Build details for a Water Fountain Company

I helped design, prototype and iterate on a product being developed by a startup water fountain company.

This project allowed me to exercise my whole range of fabrication/images experience and skills. This included CNC work, CAD, Carpentry and Project Management.

Walnut Dinning Table
10' Dinning Table from Walnut Slats

I helped re-engineer this table from a previous design. This included designing a new connection point for the legs and rethinking the CNC and slab gluing operations.

Oak Banquette
An Oak Banquette

I worked out the construction and installation of this banquette from the designers 3d model.

This included the interenal structure, part sourcing and order of operations from CNC milling to getting the perfect natural finish.

A Fixture I Designed for Highly Repeatable Manufacturing
Workshop Shelving
Just Some Fun Shelving for My Workshop

A weekend project to design and build a shelf with planks left-over from a previous project.

This project also gave me the oportunity to prototype a design for a larger set of shelves I am going to build for our household storage area.

Sleeve Bearing
A Bearing for the Stop on a Horizontal Bandsaw
Tape Cutter
A Tool for Cutting Magnetic Tape
Oak Bed Side Table
A Simple Tripod Side Table with Sliding Storage Shelf

A weekend project to make myself I nice bedside table from some oak flooring scraps.

It has a shelf that pulls out, 3d printed brackets that angle the hair-pin legs in a nice way, and I'm really happy with the finish. Just oil, and I think I probably put a clear poly over it at the end.

Object Detection
Learning about U-nets and Object Detection with TensorFlow and Darknet

At the time that I tried to carry out this project it was a huge struggle. I learned a ton about the various object detection models, writing custom models, layers and loss functions with TensorFlow and Keras, and also that it's sometimes better to use an off the shelf model than try to code it all yourself!

Anomaly Detection
Exploring Anomaly Detection with Autoencoders

This was my first dive in the world of Autoencoders. The model I ended up with used a attempted to detect manufacturing defects in phots of screws with a Encoder/Decoder network.

I didn't really know what I was doing, but this experience would be very helpful when I moved on to object detections models that use deep u-nets like YOLO.

Hydraulic Pump Monitoring
Using Sensor Data to Infer Pump Maintenance Scheduling

This was a really fun project to work on and involved time-series data collected from sensors on a hydraulic pump rig. I got experience writing algorithms to programmatically tune model parameters, evaluate various methods of analyzing the time-series, and formatting outputs for human readability.

Census Data and Real Estate Analysis
King County, WA Development Project
The King County Parcel Map

My second data science project where I joined a real estate dataset with data from the census to analyze investment opportunities in the Seattle area.

Stretching the project to include census data allowed me to get experience building workflows that incorporate multiple datasets with differing formats and features.

IMDB Dataset
Movie Data Analysis

A simple project with a well known public dataset to get my feet wet in data science. I used python/pandas for the exploratory step and statistical analysis.

Wedding Arch
I Made the Arch for My Wedding

Hello, this is my wedding arch.

This is the arch for my wedding. I wanted it to be simple but beautiful.

The arch halves slot together and are fastened at the top. Getting the curves just right and setting up a fixturing method for this thing was a fun challenge.

Restaurant Chain Builds
Examples of Fabrication/images Projects for a Chain Restaurant

This was a long term project that let me help develop and iterate on a manufacturing process.

Some of the pieces we made were one offs (the reception desk), or built for a specific space (the steel-perf wall), but we made several hundred of the rolling racks.

I was involved in figuring out and executing every step of the process: protoyping, designing permament fixtures, welding, finishing, CNC, delivery and installations.

Bubble Shelf
A Pair of Cute Rounded Shelves

I made this rounded shelves for my wifes plants to sit on. The goal was to not have any hard edges on anywhere.

Round things are cute, and I think these turned out pretty well.

Workshop Cart
Small Movable Cart for My 3d Printer and 3d Printing Related Supplies

I built this cart to hold my 3d printers. It was designed to fit in a very small space when I lived in a much smaller apartment.

It gave me an opportunity to dry out that style of drawer pull, and to work with mixed materials. The bottom drawers hold printing filament and tools specifc to my printers

Oak and Steel Bench
Bench for Shoes Near a Front Door

An idea I had for a slatted bench. The base was made out of steel bar and angle.

It was fun to make the bending jigs and forms to get the rounded edges of the shoe rack. It still looks great after several years of sitting by our front door.